New PDF release: Atomic Theory for Students of Metallurgy

By W Hume-Rothery

This e-book offers vintage introductions to the electron concept of metals.

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These guns use the energy released by a controlled series of oxygen-­acetylene to heat and accelerate the coating powder so as to impart high velocity and propulsion to the powder onto the substrate. The resulting coatings are highly dense and of high quality with a low content of oxide and unprocessed particles. Air Plasma Spraying (APS): The APS utilizes a DC arc struck between a central inert cathode and an annular copper anode. Moreover, an inert gas is fed into the arc to form high temperature plasma.

The technique also helps to study reaction mechanisms and online monitoring of intelligent coatings in the actual plants. 5. 3 Performance of a developed intelligent coating Recently, an intelligent metallic coating has been developed, which is optimized compositionally and promotes an appropriate protective scale formation depending on the surrounding environmental conditions that enhance the durability of TBC, and, in turn, the life of CM 247 LC superalloy components. 5 Comparison of Hot Corrosion Evaluation Techniques Technique Advantages Disadvantages/Limitations Burner rig test Simulates gas composition, pressure, velocity, and temperature of gas turbine engines Complex process and requires long running time.

23). 6 presents the life of uncoated CM 247 LC superalloy, intelligent coating as well as different thicknesses of zirconia-based TBCs at 900 °C in simulating gas turbine engine environments. The results indicate that 100 μm thick TBC improved the superalloy life by 450 times to that of bare superalloy. It was also evident that 300 μm thick TBC in association with compositionally optimized 125 μm thick NiCoCrAlY bond coating (intelligent bond coating) enhanced the superalloy life by about 600 times, which was found to be optimum.

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