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There is a trace for each of the inputs, A and B, and the outputs, Sum and Carry, arranged along the time axis. Each time division represents 10 -abstract time units, and we have assumed that all gates experience a 10-time-unit delay. From the figure, you can see that the inputs step through four possible input combinations: Tim e A is 0-50 0, B is 0 A is 51-1 0, B 00 is 1 A is 1011, B 150 is 0 A is 1511, B 200 is 1 Let's look closely at the Sum and Carry waveforms. You can see that, in general, they follow the pattern expected from the truth table, but are offset in time.

Example Tracing Propagation Delays in the Half Adder Looking in particular at time step 51, the B input changes from 0 to 1. Twenty time units later, the Sum output changes from 0 to 1. Why does this happen? 24 shows a logic circuit instrumented with probes on every one of the circuit's nets. The probes display the current logic value on a par-ticular net. The nets with changing values are highlighted in the figure. 24. 24 (a) shows the initial input conditions (A and B are both 0 ) and the values of all internal nets.

Correspondence Between Boolean Operations and Logic Gates Each of the logic operators has a corresponding logic gate. 20. 12 ). Correspondence Between Boolean Expressions and Gate Networks Every Boolean expression has a corresponding implementation in terms of interconnected gates. This is called a schematic. Schematics are one of the ways that we capture the structural view of a design, that is, how the design is constructed from the composition of primitive components. In this case, the composition is accomplished by physically wiring the gates together.

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