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We could see, the writer desires to say that the restrictions on how an embryo will be grown will impact what attainable phenotypes are actualised. good that turns out believable adequate, i'd be fascinating find out extra approximately the best way to really develop an embryo? why cant you develop a wheel and axle? however the writer does not understand, too undesirable. All he can do is discuss how English he's and the way nice is its to be English and that improvement should have _somthing_ to do with evolution, Oh and by way of they method the writer is English.

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At about the start of the twentieth century, the third, experimental, phase of developmental biology began. The shift to a more experimental approach was led by the German embryologist Wilhelm Roux. For about fifty years or so this was the dominant modus operandi in studies of development. Some of the experiments involved were unsavoury to say the least. One line of investigation was to transplant part of a developing embryo to the wrong place and see what effect this had. Such studies, though gruesome, were very informative.

One line of investigation was to transplant part of a developing embryo to the wrong place and see what effect this had. Such studies, though gruesome, were very informative. They told us that some parts of an embryo had organizing effects on other parts, and induced those latter parts to develop in certain ways. A leading figure in this work was Hans Spemann,1 and a particularly influential region of early-stage vertebrate embryos has been named, in his honour, as the Spemann Organizer. Experimental embryology made use of the classic model system of the past, the chick, but also newer ones.

Textbooks of evolutionary biology have for years trotted out the usual old stories about how birds’ beaks evolve to match their food items, or how moths’ colours evolve to match their background. But where are the equally detailed studies about the importance of one body part matching another? If you peruse the literature for long enough you will surely find some lurking in quiet corners here and there. So it is not as if such studies are completely absent. Rather, it comes back to the impact that they have had on the prevailing ethos of the synthesis.

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