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By Cecelia M O'Connor; G E W Wolstenholme; International Union of Biological Sciences

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Glycine buffer; phosph. = phosphate buffer; tris = tris (hydroxymethyl) amino methane buffer. The concentration of each buffer was ~ / 1 5 . Abscissa = Observed, initial p H of reaction mixture. V. spectro1~ benzoylcholine as substrate. 4 were alike. We found activators of the normal enzyme always capable of activating the atypical esterase but not necessarily at the same concentration of activator and at the same pH. A detailed report is in preparation. Electrophoretic studies. e. ammonium sulphate precipitation, column chromatography with diethylaminoethyl (DEAE) cellulose (Peterson and Sober, FIG.

5 x 1 0 - 5 would ~ cause roughly 90 per cent inhibition of the normal and about 10 per cent inhibition of the atypical esterase. Hence, 1 * 5 x 10-5~ decamethonium was boiled with the starch in preparation for electrophoresis. To the bridge solution at the anode, 1 0 4 ~decamethonium was added, so that the enzymes were constantly exposed to decamethonium during the electrophoresis. As expected, the normal enzyme was more strongly blocked than the atypical and its electrophoretic migration was therefore slightly delayed (Fig.

Bergren, S. P. Dawson, George Donnell, J. Harris, A. Lambdin and V. L. O’Donnell who kindly supplied us with blood samples. 23 24 HERMAN RI. KALCKAR aspects of galactose metabolism-the fact that the central nervous system and the milk gland have chosen to use galactose as one of their matrix elements. What could the positive vectors be? However, these positive developments will not be discussed here, but a different type of development -the existence of galactose-sensitive organisms. This phenomenon prompted us to enter the field of genetics.

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