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By Thomas N. Wight and Robert P. Mecham (Eds.)

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PERSPECTIVES The purpose of this chapter is to discuss the production of pro­ teoglycans from the perspective of a molecular biologist and to review the initial studies on the nucleic acids t h a t encode proteoglycan core proteins and link proteins. The contribution of molecular biology and recombinant DNA technology has been demonstrated by recent ad­ vances in our understanding of the biosynthesis and regulation of many complex proteins such as the immunoglobulins, globins, insulin, and collagens.

Termine, personal communication). The immunoprecipitation of more t h a n one product of translation is quite unusual and the significance of these results is unclear at this time. Although the core proteins of these small proteoglycans have many characteristics in common, thev may not be identical. mRNAs encoding the bone and fibroblast core proteins have been cloned and will be discussed in Sec­ tion III. C. Link Proteins Identification of link proteins in the products of cell-free translation has shown t h a t the link protein is a distinct gene product and has opened the way for further studies on the biosynthesis of this group of proteins.

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