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This is often the 3rd publication within the sequence. It comprises seventy five complex point exercises that concentrate on velocity and yardage, with particular exercises for freestyle, person medley, dash and distance swimming. those exercises are acceptable for the self-coached swimmer and triathlete, in addition to for coaches trying to find exercise routine content material for the athletes they educate.

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09 11:01 Base / Freestyle Workouts 6 Workout Challenge: Swim your goal pace. ” Warm up: Kick: 500 500 – alternating 25s of Flutter/Dolphin Swim: 100 Easy Pull: 20 x 50 Free on :45 Swim: 100 Easy 10 x 100 Free – with one length Non-free on 1:30 Kick: Kick: 200 Choice 8 x 50 – w/Fins on :45 – streamline position Cool down: Total: 200 4,500 500 – Breathing Sequence: by 25 – every 3, 5, 7, 9... 09 11:01 Base / Freestyle Workouts 8 Workout Challenge: If your quality slips, RE-FOCUS! 09 11:01 Challenge Workouts for Advanced Swimmers 9 Workout Challenge: How would you respond positively if you found out the pool was closing in 1 hour?

09 11:00 Challenge Workouts for Advanced Swimmers COORDINATION Catch Up – Like regular freestyle, except one arm catches up to the other in front, emphasizing that one arm should always be reaching and the other stroking. Start with both arms leading, then do a complete freestyle stroke with one arm, when both arms are back in the leading position, do a freestyle stroke with the other arm, continue Freestyle with Dolphin – Regular freestyle arms with a dolphin kick each time your hand strikes the water in front, to practice coordinating the arm and leg actions Heads Up Freestyle – Rapid freestyle with your head up, as used in water polo, looking straight ahead to practice coordinating arm and leg action BACKSTROKE DRILLS BALANCE Float on Spine w/Kick – Head lead kicking on back, floating on straight spine by rolling pelvis forward and contracting abdominals, so it feels like you are shaped like a banana, for better stroke balance Cup on Forehead – Quarter Turn – To achieve a still or “independent head,” do head leading backstroke kicking, with a cup half filled with water balancing on your forehead.

09 11:01 Base / Freestyle Workouts 4 Workout Challenge: How would you respond positively if you get caught in traffic on the way to your big swim meet? Warm up: Kick: Drill: 500 4 x 100 Flutter on 15/SR 200 – your favorite Coordination Drill Swim: Swim: 200 Free – for time 8 x 200 on 3:15 – each 200 includes one length of kick only – Match your 200 time above. 09 11:01 Challenge Workouts for Advanced Swimmers 5 Workout Challenge: Maintain a narrow descend, visualizing energy and power. 09 11:01 Base / Freestyle Workouts 6 Workout Challenge: Swim your goal pace.

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