Cheerleading technique, training, show by Miriam Lopez Hernandez de Alba PDF

By Miriam Lopez Hernandez de Alba

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This publication provides the fundamentals of studying for power cheerleaders and the fundamentals of training for coaches and academics. Cheerleading isn't just dance, acrobatics, speachsong and spectacle; it really is especially a crew game requiring loads of exertions. yet an individual who has been touched by way of the spirit reveals it demanding to offer it up. This booklet explains what it is all approximately. beginning with warm-up and stretching, then relocating onto jumps, cheers and chants and eventually dance, this e-book comprises all of the info you want to arrange a winning staff. it's compatible for knowledgeable cheerleaders and coaches, not only for newbies. academics who want to supply this activity also will locate the mandatory information during this ebook.

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Bend the arms to lower the body and straighten them to raise it again. Leg Strengthening I This exercise mainly strengthens the abductor, adductor and lateral abdominal muscles. Lie on your side, supported on your bent arm with the elbow on the floor. Keep the body in a straight line and maintain basic tension. Now raise the top leg and hold this position for a few seconds, then lower the leg again. Carry out this exercise on both sides of the body. P❮A❮ G32E Cheerleading engl. 2. 2008 9:24 Uhr Seite 33 ▼ Warm-up Leg Strengthening II This exercise mainly strengthens the abductor, the gluteus medius and the tensor fasciae latae muscles.

As most cheerleader costumes show a bare midriff, it doesn’t look good if the stomach, legs or arms are not toned and in shape. ▼ The following exercises help to tone the body and burn unwanted fat: Abdominal Strengthening I This exercise mainly strengthens the upper abdominal muscles (m. rectus abdominus). The arms are placed on the floor behind the head, taking care that the elbows point outward. The legs are bent and shoulder-width apart on the floor. The abdominal muscles are tensed so that the lumbar spine touches the floor.

A cheer is not only longer than a chant but also has a completely different purpose. They always tell a short, appropriate story and cannot just be inserted during the ongoing game, unlike the chant. , during a pause. This should always be observed, for during a cheer, the cheer team wants to ensure that they have the crowd’s full attention during the cheer. This can only happen during a break. A cheer should always have a positive message to motivate the crowd and the team. A cheer always has an appropriate beginning and an appropriate ending.

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