Claimed by the Captain by Tara Kingston PDF

By Tara Kingston

ISBN-10: 1419933434

ISBN-13: 9781419933431

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She arched against him, fighting for control. Her hunger for Jason Kane threatened to overwhelm her. His touch was intoxicating. Heavens, how she wanted him. Inside her. Filling her, taking his pleasure, stimulating her to the brink of madness. But how could she allow herself to be swept away by a man who’d taken her as an act of vengeance? She had to resist his control. He buried a finger deep within her warmth. She writhed with mindless need, welcoming the gentle invasion as he upped the stakes of her surrender.

An excited glint marked his eyes as he dared to touch her hand. Her uneasiness seemed to please him. She pivoted away. ” She blinked. Surely she’d misunderstood his meaning. ” “I have no desire to speak with the man. ” Her breath caught in her throat as she turned to meet his dark gaze. ” His husky rasp sent a frisson of warning through her core. Unwanted warmth flooded her cheeks beneath the intensity of his gaze. ” “I only speak the truth. ” He took hold of her arm with a firm grasp. ” An instinctive warning pounded in her brain.

Much more. Yet he’d left her, taking nothing for himself after he’d pleasured her. Why had he held back? She’d offered herself. He’d known she was willing. But he’d left her to ponder her hunger until she drifted to sleep. A sharp rap against the door tore through her thoughts. Not Jason Kane. He would not have shown her such a courtesy. She clutched the quilt tighter to her chin. An unfamiliar voice cut through the silence. ” “I need a moment,” she called, spying her chemise at the end of the bed.

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