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By Samuel Willard Crompton

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Often called the 'Angel of the Battlefield' for her efforts in the course of the American Civil conflict, Clara Barton is remembered as a pioneering nurse and humanitarian. This name helps you to examine this courageous nurse and founding father of the yank pink go.

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Though she never came to truly like giving speeches, Barton made an excellent living from it, charging between A New Nation $75 and $100 for each lecture. At times, she donated the proceeds to worthy causes, but there were plenty of occasions when she pocketed the entire amount. At this time, Barton’s health began to fail her. Having always been vigorous and strong, she tended to take her good health for granted. But, as had happened during her years as a teacher, her voice gave way. Some may have thought she was faking it in order to get out of giving more lectures, but anyone who came to her bedside during 1868 was convinced of her serious illness.

The same could not be said for David Barton. This may, in fact, have been among the worst of times in his life. David was not suited to be a quartermaster, or anything else in the military. He was no longer the energetic, horseback-riding brother Barton remembered from youth. He was passing from middle age to old age. David resented the duties of quartermaster, and his son proved a poor soldier, running the first time a shot was fired in his direction. Logically, Barton knew of her brother’s lack of soldier skills, but family loyalty meant she did not pay attention to them.

For a time, she thought she might spend her entire working life at the Patent Office, slowly putting away enough money to enjoy a respectable retirement. But, as so often in her life, other matters changed her plans. The New Administration In 1856, James Buchanan, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, was elected president. He came into office on March 4, 1857, and Barton found herself out of work. Many people knew of her sympathies for the Republican Party, and that was enough for her to be removed from the government payroll.

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