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By Witold A. Pogorzelski, Piotr Wojtylak

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The publication develops the idea of 1 of an important notions within the method of formal structures. quite, completeness performs an incredible position in propositional common sense the place many editions of the concept were outlined. international versions of the proposal suggest the opportunity of getting all right and trustworthy schemata of inference. Its neighborhood versions seek advice from the idea of fact given by means of a few semantics. A uniform idea of completeness in its basic and native which means is conducted and it generalizes and systematizes a few number of the idea of completeness akin to Post-completeness, structural completeness and so on. This technique permits additionally for a extra profound view upon a few crucial houses (e.g. two-valuedness) of propositional structures. For those reasons, the idea of logical matrices, and the idea of final result operations is exploited.

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I) Great(X) = X ∩ P Greatt πt (X) ; t∈T (ii) Least(X) = X ∩ P Leastt πt (X) ; t∈T (iii) Sup(X) = P Supt πt (X) ; t∈T (iv) Inf(X) = P Inf t πt (X) . t∈T 48 Chapter 2. Semantic methods in propositional logic Proof. It will be only shown that (i), (iv) hold because the proofs of (ii), (iii) are quite similar. 16 that πt (a) ∈ But πt (X) for every t ∈ T and hence πt (a) ∈ πt (X) ∩ But πt (X) = Greatt πt (X) for every t ∈ T . On the other hand, X ∩ P Greatt πt (X) ⊆ X ∩ P But πt (X) = X ∩ Bu (X) = Great(X).

Let Ai be the set of the following axioms, (1) p → (q → p) (2) (p → (p → q)) → (p → q) (3) (p → q) → [(q → s) → (p → s)] (4) p → p + q (5) q → p + q (6) (p → s) → ((q → s) → (p + q → s)) (7) p · q → p (8) p · q → q (9) (p → q) → [(p → r) → (p → q · r)] (10) p → (∼ p → q) (11) (p →∼ p) →∼ p and let R0∗ = {r0 , r∗ }, where r0 is the modus ponens and r∗ is the substitution rule over S2 . Then R0∗ , Ai is a system of intuitionistic propositional logic. This logic will also be considered in the invariant version R0 , Sb(Ai ) , where R0 = {r0 } and Sb(Ai ) contains all substitutions of the formulas from Ai .

Proof. We have, of course, Cn R, SbΓ (X) ⊆ Cn R ∪ {r∗ |Γ}, X . To prove the reverse inclusion let α ∈ Cn R, SbΓ(X) . 56, he (α) ∈ Cn R, he(SbΓ(X)) if e : At → Γ. Since he (SbΓ (X)) ⊆ SbΓ (X), we conclude that β ∈ Cn R, SbΓ (X) for each β ∈ S such that {α}, β ∈ r∗ |Γ. It shows that the set Cn R, SbΓ (X) is closed under the rule r∗ |Γ. 40. From the above it follows that, for every X ⊆ S and R ⊆ Struct(Γ), SbΓ Cn(R, X) ⊆ Cn R, SbΓ (X) . Thus, each Γ-invariant system R, X is closed under the rule r∗ |Γ, which also means that r∗ |Γ ∈ Adm(R, SbΓ (X)).

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