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By Pavel A. Pevzner

ISBN-10: 0262161974

ISBN-13: 9780262161978

ISBN-10: 1423733339

ISBN-13: 9781423733331

In a single of the 1st significant texts within the rising box of computational molecular biology, Pavel Pevzner covers a huge diversity of algorithmic and combinatorial themes and indicates how they're attached to molecular biology and to biotechnology. The booklet has a considerable "computational biology with out formulation" part that provides the organic and computational rules in a comparatively basic demeanour. This makes the cloth available to desktop scientists with out organic education, in addition to to biologists with restricted history in laptop technology.

Computational Molecular Biology sequence desktop technological know-how and arithmetic are reworking molecular biology from an informational to a computational technology. Drawing on computational, statistical, experimental, and technological tools, the hot self-discipline of computational molecular biology is dramatically expanding the invention of recent applied sciences and instruments for molecular biology. the hot MIT Press Computational Molecular Biology sequence presents a special venue for the fast book of monographs, textbooks, edited collections, reference works, and lecture notes of the very best quality.

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