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By P. Jolles

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Existence on the earth nearly solely makes use of laevorotatory or left-handed amino acids (L-enantiomers), instead of D-enantiomers. however, with more advantageous analytical tools, D-amino acids were detected in quite a few peptides of multi-cellular organisms in the course of contemporary years. This publication takes inventory of our current wisdom during this speedily increasing examine sector. In a chain of chapters it discusses the characterization and research of D-amino acids, their incidence and serve as in animal peptides and proteins, a few attainable biosynthetic pathways, and their visual appeal in the course of getting older. moreover, one bankruptcy techniques the perplexing query of homochirality and lifestyles.

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The corresponding 17-residue amidated peptide was Occurrence and function of D-amino acid-containing peptides and proteins ... 33 identified at relatively low abundance in the skin secretions by mass spectrometry. Its sequence (Fig. 2) is similar to bombinins H, but lacks the basic residues at the C-terminal extremity, which is amidated. The presence of a D-amino acid in this peptide was subsequently suggested [25]. The analysis of skin secretions from B. orientalis, performed in our laboratory, resulted in the identification of bomb in in H-type peptides similar to those found in B.

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