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By Herman Rubin

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This monograph includes a choice of over 250 propositions that are resembling AC. the 1st half on set kinds has sections at the well-ordering theorem, editions of AC, the legislations of the trichotomy, maximal rules, statements relating to the axiom of origin, varieties from algebra, cardinal quantity concept, and a last portion of types from topology, research and good judgment. the second one half offers with the axiom of selection for periods - well-ordering theorem, selection and maximal ideas.

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Next, we shall show that if + WO 4(n - k). 14: If n and k n > 2 and 1 < k n then are natural numbers such WO 2 AC 16(n,k). -f PROOF: Suppose s is an infinite set. WO 2 implies that there is an initial ordinal wa such that s = w a . Let K be the set of all k-element subsets of s and N, the set of all n-element subsets of s . Then K w N = w a . Suppose and N = {ng: $ < w a ) . K = CkB: B < w a } Nowl we shall construct a subset t 5 N which has the desired property. Define a sequence of sets, T y l by transfinite induction as follows: To = @.

Zo = x Let THE WELL-ORDERING z and ~ -+zn ~U ( z n 5 THEOREM 2,). X Let y = m U zn. n= 0 m < n If x _c y . zm then _C zn and zm x zm _c z n . Clearly, Also, m u Y X Y ' n,m=O ," zn zm m C - x z 'max(m,n n m=O max (m,n) m C - x U (y x y) Hence, Therefore, 5 'max (m, n +1 y. i s a s u b s e t of a s e t which c a n b e w e l l - x ordered, so t h a t U n,m=O x c a n be w e l l - o r d e r e d a l s o , q . e . d . When A l f r e d T a r s k i was s t u d y i n g t h e n o t i o n of f i n i t e (see T a r s k i [1924a,1938a]), h e d i s c o v e r e d s e v e r a l d e f i n i t i o n s o f f i n i t e which w e r e e q u i v a l e n t t o t h e axiom of c h o i c e .

AC 3: For every function f there is a function g that for every x, if x E a(f) and f(x) # a, then such g(x) E f(x). AC 4: that $(f) For every relation r there is a function f = a(r) and f _c r. (See AC 20 in section 5 . ) such 5: For every function f there is a function q such that a(g) = %(f) and for every x E $(g), f(g(x)) = x. ) AC 7 PART I, SET FORMS 8 AC 6: The Cartesian product of a set of non-empty sets is non-empty. AC 7: The Cartesian product of a set of non-empty sets of the same cardinality is non-empty.

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