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By Andreas Wanninger

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This multi-author, six-volume paintings summarizes our present wisdom at the developmental biology of all significant invertebrate animal phyla. the most facets of cleavage, embryogenesis, organogenesis and gene expression are mentioned in an evolutionary framework. each one bankruptcy provides an in-depth but concise review of either classical and up to date literature, supplemented via various colour illustrations and micrographs of a given animal staff. The mostly taxon-based chapters are supplemented through essays on topical features suitable to modern day EvoDevo study equivalent to regeneration, embryos within the fossil list, homology within the age of genomics and the function of EvoDevo within the context of reconstructing evolutionary and phylogenetic situations. an inventory of open questions on the finish of every bankruptcy could function a resource of concept for the subsequent iteration of EvoDevo scientists. Evolutionary Developmental Biology of Invertebrates is a must have for any scientist, instructor or pupil drawn to developmental and evolutionary biology in addition to generally invertebrate zoology.

This moment quantity on ecdysozoans covers all animals generally called crustaceans. whereas “Crustacea” is at the moment no longer thought of a monophylum, it nonetheless seems average to mix its representatives in a single joint quantity as a result of their quite a few shared morphological and developmental features. end result of the large version within the quantity of obtainable developmental info among a number of the taxa, basically the Dendrobranchiata, Astacida and Cirripedia are taken care of in person chapters. the remainder facts on crustacean improvement, frequently incomplete and sometimes patchy, is gifted in chapters summarizing early improvement and larval range, thereby additionally considering the information on fossil larval forms.

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