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By Shirin Yim Bridges,Albert Nguyen

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To have ordered or carried out the execution of a resistance member fitted into the courts’ conception of ‘violence’; to have taken part in the administration of the deportation of the Norwegian Jews was more problematic. In addition, one may suspect that courts, as well as the general public, felt stronger empathy with fallen resistance fighters than with deported Jews. Anti-Semitism was by no means unknown in Norway. The result was that the death of a Norwegian patriot carried more weight than the death of a Jew when it came to passing sentence and meting out punishment.

In such a rendering, women are excluded – they are without political power and are relegated to the private sphere (Runyan and Peterson 2014, pp. 82–83).  621). These dichotomies reinforce gender relations and gender norms. In terms of security and violence, most models of masculinity, historically and presently, include elements of courage, competition, assertiveness, and ambition that are difficult to disassociate from physical aggression and even violence, especially when males are systematically placed in situations where proving their manhood involves aggressive behavior.

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