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J. Clausen, Catal. -Sci. , 26 (1984) 395 and references c i t e d w i t h i n . 16 H. J. Clausen, N-Y Topsoe, and E. Pedersen, Ind. Eng. Chem. , 25 (1986) 25. 17 H. J. Clausen, Appl. , 25 (1986) 273. J. Ledoux, G. Maire, S. Hantzer, and 0. J. P h i l l i p s and M. 74. C. Stevens and T. Edmonds, i n B. Delmon, P. Grange, P. Jacobs, and G. 507. 20 M. A. Bennett, D. Chadwick, and M. V r i a n t , B u l l . SOC. Chim. Belg. 90 (1981) 1271. C. Duchet. M. van0ers. J. deBeer. and R. Prins, J. , 80 (1983) 386.

Impregnation of the carrier was followed by drying in air at 120°C for two hours and calcination for two hours at 482°C. Each catalyst is identified with its molar metal ratio calculated as [(Ni or Co)/Mo, Table 11. 87 mmol/gm of catalyst. TABLE 1 Chemical Properties for Impregnated Catalysts Catalyst Co/Mo(O. 00) Ni/Mo/P(O. 37 zoo 157 189 139 157 166 134 200 The XPS results were obtained on a VG ESCALAB M k I I instrument. Catalysts were sulfided in a 5% HzS/H2 gas stream for one hour at 350OC.

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