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He goes a step further, and alleges that the sexual energy when transmuted can actually evolve the finer structures of the brain leading to increased creativity and higher states of consciousness. A Men’s Liberation Guide to Women 31 Further, he alleges that the same sex energy when not overused for sexual pleasure or reproduction, is absorbed back into the bloodstream and helps to regenerate and rejuvenate the body and brain generally speaking. Supposing this theory is correct, that would suggest that by overusing the sex energy, or by as children, having onset of sexual activity too early, we could produce various catastrophic effects on our mind and body.

The truth is that the average woman, who survey after survey now confirms does not want to work while she is raising a family, except where economic necessity compels her to do so, is being imprisoned, made so unhappy she takes sedatives, drugs or resorts to self-harming for relief – she is being enslaved by the feminist philosophy, rather than liberated as the feminists supposedly intended. The feminist agenda has hurt her deeply, it has hurt men, it has hurt children, and continues to do all three.

But seeing our embarrassment then they laugh at us, don’t they? They don’t want us to be irresponsible - so they say - and “sow wild oats”, but when as young or even not so young males, we express or in some way show our insecurity, inexperience and confusion about sex, we are mocked, made to be objects of fun by them. And who are they? Other men perhaps, or the boys at school? But that other men mock us is not so bad, we can live with that, we know most of them are lying about their own sexual successes and failures and hang-ups anyway.

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