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By Ashok Agarwal, Damayanthi Durairajanayagam, Gurpriya Virk, Stefan S. Du Plessis

ISBN-10: 3319102583

ISBN-13: 9783319102580

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This ebook discusses a few of the antioxidants which are in use to beat oxidative rigidity in an assisted copy atmosphere. Antioxidant remedies may well diversity from enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants, both by myself or together. whereas not anyone antioxidant regime has been pointed out as potent in bettering fertilization and being pregnant charges, antioxidant supplementation has been proven to shield sperm cells from lipid peroxidation and oxidative harm to DNA, and hence increase being pregnant premiums. The prevention of oxidative pressure and its consequent harm is important to make sure a profitable final result of the in vitro fertilization method and embryo move. techniques that may be hired to lessen or hinder the harmful results of OS in the course of assisted replica comprise supplementation with a variety of kinds of antioxidants.

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2003) Cavallini et al. 1 Role of Enzymatic Antioxidants in ART 27 Combination of antioxidants Dashti et al. (2013) Tamoxifen 20 mg, vitamin E 400 IU, zinc 30 mg and selenium 200 mg 3 months Zinc 5 mg, Vitamin E + zinc 10 mg and Zinc + Vitamin E + C 200 mg Myo-inositol 4 g and folic acid 200 mg and melatonin 3 mg Rizzo et al. (2010) 3 months Menevit Tremellen et al. (2007) Omu et al. (2008) 3 months prior to IUI Continuous from the day of GnRH administration 3 months 1 Menevit capsule Tunc et al.

Furthermore, supplementing of the culture media with required antioxidants to help scavenge excessive production of ROS in culture media is beneficial. 2 In Vitro Generation of ROS in ART 21 In addition, the design of the culture media used should be such that the media takes into consideration the role of ROS generation and eliminate their contribution without changing the metabolic requirements of gametes and embryos. 7 Oxygen Concentration Gametes/embryos are exposed to oxygen tension during procedures in assisted reproduction such as insemination, fertilization and embryo growth (Catt and Henman 2000).

These chromophores are photosensitizers—which means they are able to absorb light and then transfer the energy to nearby oxygen molecules. Electrons in the shell get excited and shift to a shorter-lived singlet state. These excited electrons then change their spin and produce a longer-lived triplet state. As it returns to the ground state, it releases energy. This energy is then transferred to oxygen to generate ROS (singlet oxygen and free radicals) that mediate cellular toxicity (Girotti 2001).

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